101 Crane Missions Tips

101 Crane Missions Tips

 you are in control of the crane-y part of a crane, if that makes any sense, as well as the crane's claw. The game is made up of different levels, though not all 101 levels are available as of yet (70 at the time of this review), Missions are split into four scenarios: Foggy City, Windy Mountain, Ropes over Vienna and The Island. The first few missions are relatively simple: build towers or bridges, mount blocks on wobbly constructions, etc.

Once you get to Windy Mountain you will have to work a little harder than in Foggy City, because - as the name might suggest - gusts of wind will come up and make your job harder. Your responsabilities will also include ensuring that the Smilies don't fall down and are protected from wind and other elements thanks to your shelters. Once you get to Vienna you will have to learn to handle new forms of building blocks: some of them are now connected via rope, meaning you need to find that perfect balance when setting them down.

The main element you will have to deal with once you get to the island is water, and your task is to build bridges and rafts. Luckily, the building blocks float, but water is not as stabile a surface as the firm ground beneath one's feet!

When you successfully complete a mission you will be told what your score is; the score is contingent on the time factor. Star icons located at the top right let you know how you are doing.

You can deactivate the sound effects or the background or clouds if you find any of it to be distracting.

Check out the free mode if you're feeling creative and just want to construct your own stuff without isntructions or set tasks.

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