101 Crane Missions

Use a crane claw to move building blocks in this game with very realistic physics!

You will need skillfull hands and good planning...

This game runs perfect on:iPad 3, iPad 2, iPhone 4s, most likely iPhone 5This game is very well playable but not completely fluent in some places on:iPad 1, iPhone 4, iPod 4g

You can play the game on the iPhone 3gs .

There are currently 4 different scenarios and a free build mode where you can build whatever you like!

The current scenerios:

Foggy City: This is the introduction to the game but the higher levels of this scenario are quite challenging.

Windy Mountain: In this scenario wind will make it more difficult for you to stack the building blocks! Also the smileys are introduced in this scenario. Ropes over Vienna: Build rope brigdes, balance scales and stack blocks that are connected with ropes and a lot more...

The Island: This scenario is all about water. You will have to build a raft for the smiley and brigdes with floating bodies.

Free Building:The only limit in this scenario is your imagination.

There are currently only 70 missions but the game will be extended over time to at least 101 missions!

Click here to get 101 crane mission

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