AMIR Personal Hajj Assistant ( Women Only)

AMIR Personal Hajj Assistant is most  the comprehensive and unique Hajj app.

Everything you need always your fingertips.

Any question during Hajj? The "Problem & Solution" feature helps.


Let AMIR be your Personal Hajj Assistant.

Personalize AMIR by selecting one of the three types of Hajj

• Tamattu

• Qiran

• Ifrad

and the Mazhab

• Hanafi

• Hanbali

• Shafii

• Maliki

and only the information relevant to you will be displayed also regarding the special nature of women and its influence on Hajj.

• Guidance for the religious rituals and step-by-step tutorials such as all kinds of Tawaaf, Saee and Ramy/Ramy deputising including best practices

• all prayers in audio form as well as in the Arabic original, transliteration and translation

• My Place: the unique and easy possibility to store any location and navigate your way to it, e.g. your tent in Mina, your hotel or any meeting point. If you already use the Navigon App you can set the navigation system to your needs. The Hajj locations such as Arafat, Mina, Muzdalifa and the Holy Kaaba are already preset.

• Quran Ayahs and Hadith are displayed context-sensitive

• Qibla direction always just 2 clicks away

In case of unexpected incidents (such as wearing a sweater due to illness in the state of Ihram)

  AMIR  will provide a „Problem & Solution“ feature which helps you to react appropriately.

In case of emergencies you can use the direct call function to inform the local police, fire department, ambulance as well as the traffic accident and highway patrol.

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