iPhone Photography. How to Shoot, Edit and Share Great Photographs

This Digital Photography School book will teach you how to shoot, edit and share great photographs with your iPhone. Each chapter starts with an overview of the subject, introducing the key apps, processes, and tools. Misho Baranovic then demonstrates his preferred way of shooting via practical examples.

Included are interviews and case studies with fellow mobile photographers who share their individual processes. Each chapter wraps up with a summary section of key points to remember, along with some basic exercises to get you out and shooting. At the end of the book you will find additional resources to help you on your iPhone photography journey, including seminal blogs, photographers, and competitions.

from all the books and ressources about mobile photography, this book is one of the most complete and useful for all the people who are interested in this emerging form of photography. The main advantage of it is that all the tutorials and tips are presented in a way to really help those who feel the need to explore their own photography, whatever the style. I then highly recommend it to all the passionate out there, beginners or advanced photographers.

I bought this e-book for myself and found it so useful, I recently purchased it as a gift for a friend looking to improve her iPhone photography skills. It covers many general photography principles such as composition, light, and technical skill as well as helps walk the user through some more advanced scenarios such as when (and how) to use different apps.

Your mobile photography is guaranteed to improve upon reading. I'm an advanced mobile photographer myself and I didn't really understand Snapseed until this book walked me through it step by step-- the screencaps make it easy to understand.

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