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Your favorite pass time is watching movies?????. 

Flixster FB APPS is what you need

The first thing you do when you join Flixster is take a movie rating test. 

You are given a bunch of movies from different genres and you decide its star rating, from one to five. 

If you hated the movie or have never seen it, you can also select a ‘not interested’ or Flixster ‘I want to see this’ button. 

Your ratings are then compared with all your friends, who also have the application, and you get to see who you are most compatible with in the movie department.  It can actually be a little shocking if you have friend’s you don’t normally see on a regular basis and then you discover they love all the same type of movies you do. 

The application allows you to rate movies anytime you want, so you can constantly add new movies you like to your list.  It also has a fun quiz section, where you can take quizzes on just about anything movie related. 

They have hundreds of quizzes to choose from and with each quiz you can see which of your friend have taken it and what they scored.  If you want to challenge your friends with your own quiz, you can make one up and sent it off to them.  It can be fun to see which friend takes your quiz and what they score, as well as how many other user end up taking it. 

There is also an endless quiz you can take whenever you want. 

New questions are constantly added and you can start and stop whenever you want, with the ability to restart where you last ended. 

Besides the ratings and the quizzes, you can also watch trailers for upcoming movies and trailers for movies that are currently in theatres.  If you love movies you will have countless hours of entertainment with this application.

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