Head Soccer tips and cheats iphone arcade game

Firstly, U must know your opponent's finish such as Korea's team with the finisher "long shot", Argentina Finisher "Dragon Shot".

Secondly, know how counter or block the finisher as every finisher has a way to counter or block which is now I'm going to tell u how...

Korea-just block the shot, it is straight and direct

Cameroon-same just block the shot except that you will get shocked and move slowly than ever
Nigeria-block the shot except that you will fly in the sky,

Best Suggestion: Counter it

USA-It's a phatom shot and will go invisible for a while but it is still the same as a direct shot
Japan-just take note of the green arrow and dont get distracted by other arrows
another way is try to get him very very very close your goalpost

I dont't know what that country is but the guy who shoots iceball-just block it, it is a direct shot
Argentina-Dragon shot but dont get worried the dragon is only a distraction, just wait a while for the dragon to pass and jump in the middle of the dragon as the ball is in the middle

Italy-A Giant Ball, get him very very very far away and when he use his finisher, justblock it, it wont  goal line...Best Solution: --> Counter

Brazil-Just jump and block it, it is in a fixed angle

Germany-Careful, this finisher consists of 3 balls and dont try to use your power form to counter,
it will only waste your finisher as your finisher can only block 1 to 2 balls!

 Best Solution: Block it( it is possible and easy if u master it)

Spain-This is a tough one but don't try to get him very very faraway, try to get him extremely close to your goalpost otherwise you can try to block it by standing at your goal post and jump to block off the ball but make sure u are tall enough, same as Germany this finisher consists of about 3 balls

France- an easy one just get him faraway

uK-dont get shot by the arrows, wait for the arrows to go and try to block the ball OR ELSE
get him extremly far away!
This page contains Cheats for Head Soccer organized by sections for iPhone - iPod | Last updated on: Jan 25, 2013. Head Soccer is a Sports General game made by D&D Dream Corp. released on Feb 4, 2012 and published by D&D Dream Corp.. If you can't find a cheat code, hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

How get Asura? How Can i get asura, the latest character in head soccer ?

By getting all the achievements on the bottom or hacking ur ipod

Unlock new character robot What stage it is SS?? because you have to achieve the SS category, what stage of the survival it is??

The last stage, like if uou get a B then its a b ranking. Ss is thr best, s is super and ss stands for skmthing rlse but its like round 60 or 70

Thank you! i discovered it. is from stage 70 (included) to 80. (the SS stage to unlock the new robot character) thank you anyway!

U have 2 get 2 round 70 and beat it. its hard but its worth ur time. im not that good and i did it.

How to unlock netherlands? How I unlock the Netherlands player?

I thought it was that u had to win the tournament without using a dash. I have done this twice however and neither times it was successful. Dashing is when u double tap the move button correct?

Same problem.. It doesn't unlock like that.. And yes, dash is double tap on direction button.

To unlock netherlands: lets say that you have won 40 tournement and they said the overall. That means you should win 20 tournement to unlock netherlands becauae 20 is half 40. And those 20 tournement ahould won with out dash. Do the math mates. And tell me what wil happen

So all i have to do is win 25 tournaments without dadhing? Damn headsoccer needs to give a better hint to unlock the Netherlands...

I have won 12 times with out dash and like 7 with I don't know why I am not geting Netherlands. They should fix this problem soon because I am not paying $20 to buy a character in a video game. So I wish they give us more in game money like the $100,000 they gave us on the first game update

Which character has the best special? Which character has the best special in Head Soccer ?

It is spain and germany because with the alien, you can get not a very powerful shot like korea, and with italy the cpu boomerangs the shot a ton, the reason germany isn't better is because you must jump when you have the power up otherwise the cpu can block it easily, and the reason spain isn't better is because you have to be closer to your side when you touch the ball with your power up, the reason england isn't better is because you have a very small margin of the field in which you can stand to make the power shot go in, too close to their net will make the power go above the net, too far and it won't reach the net but bounce over

When does the alien come? The last character I have to unlock is the alien. I know to unlock the alien you have to beat him in a tournament. But every time a play a tournament he does not show up in the finals. SO I AM ASKING, WHEN DOES THE ALIEN SHOW UP?

I have won 15 tournament and playd 50 tournament and the alien come to me only twice 1 time to me and one time to my little brother (he his 7 years old) and they both end in lost I think its just luck (but i hope ts not) Im still playing the game and hope t get the alien.

A ufo comes sometimes and you need to hit it with the ball but its only come twice for me and ive won the tournament about 30 times so keep trying

U can tell when the alien comes! i just noticed today that in the first game if theres a sign that says tip ufo destroyed then u will get the alien so just keep quiting and restarting until u see that sign!

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