Strike Knight Tips & Cheats

Strike Knight iPhone App Tips & Cheats

Strike Knight is the latest iPhone game app from Back flip studios. On this page we will look at some tips for Strike Knight, see if there are any cheats for Strike Knight and also see if we can work out how to get that elusive 7-10 split. We will also see if it is possible to bowl a perfect game and get on that GameCentre leaderboard. This page will tell you all you need to know about the iPhone Strike Knight game and give you some helpful tips and cheats.

Strike Knight came out in June of 2011. A very popular game from the outset, Strike Knight shot into the download charts. This is a very simple game based upon ten pin bowling, even though the idea is simple, the game gets very addictive as it is such an easy one to play. This is an iPhone app that will keep you entertained for hours on end, plus it is currently a free download from the app store. So let’s now have a closer look at the game itself.

Strike Knight The Game

When you open the Strike Knight game up you are taken to the menu page. From the menu you can go and play a single player game, you can play two player using play and pass or you can click on the more tab and view your best scores, your average score and also the total number of points you have scored overall when playing the Strike Knight game. From here you can also read the instructions, adjust the volume settings and read the credits. You also have the option of seeing more games from Back flip studios. Another option that the game gives you is to remove the ads, there are a lot of adverts on the game so this maybe a feature some people want to explore, however you do have to pay for this to be done.

When you play a game the idea is simple. Knock the pins down with the disk. Instead of a bowling ball you use a small disk to hit the pins. To throw the disk you simply slide your finger in the desired direction and then release at the appropriate moment. The basic scoring is the same as bowling, you can get a strike or a spare. However, when you do get either a strike or spare you are awarded bonus points. The amount of point you get for this depends upon your timing, above the lane you will see scores flashing across the display unit, you must time your throw just right to get the maximum amount of points available. If you get it just right you can pick up 800 points for a strike.

If you fail to knock all the pins down you are simply awarded the amount of pins you hit. So basically you lose a lot of points. There are ten frames in the game and your score is added up as you go along. At the end of the game your score is displayed and also you will be shown your highest score to date and also your average score. You can also pick up awards for doing things like bowling 3 strikes in a row or clearing a 7-10 split. Your stats and score will show up on GameCentre so you can then compete with your friends and other players from all over the world. 

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