Come on, Arrange the Clothes in the Cupboard

A cupboard is an important stuff in the bedroom for placing and arranging the clothes. There are many people especially teens who do not arrange their clothes neatly in the cupboard. Both men and women seem that they have a messy cupboard. Moreover, when they have lots of fashion collections in the cupboard, it is ensured that the cupboard will be too messy. Having well arranged clothes in the cupboard is a dream for everybody because it looks very nice and order. There are some ways to arrange the clothes in the cupboard.

1. It is better to arrange the clothes based on the color. It has a function to make you easy when you want to find and wear it. You do not need to take all clothes out for finding only one item of clothes.

2. Selecting the cotton fabrics which is easy rumpled is better to hang in the special part. Meanwhile, wool and net fabrics do not need to hang because those can change its shape. Those fabrics are only wrapped into the plastic bag in order that its fabrics are durable and away from moths.

3. Folding the clothes has its rules. Clothes with chiffon fabrics should be better if it is given a piece of paper between the folds. It also needs to be separated from other clothes with different fabrics. It is aimed at keeping the folds because the fabrics are too smooth and soft.

4. When you have blazers and coats, you have to keep them in the plastic bags before hanging them. It makes those clothes look new and durable.

5. Javanese blouse or sequined clothes are better to keep in separately. For example, they keep in a special box in order that those are not easy to break and associate with other clothes.

6. A belt should be hung in order that it is not circular.

7. Do not forget to change paper layer for the clothes and add the camphor to absorb the humidity of the cupboard. This makes the clothes stay nice and long lasting.

Those are some tips for arranging the clothes in the cupboard. These tips should be easily done for people at home. They need to arrange their clothes minimum once a month.

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