Keep Your Beauty during Your Journey

It is holiday season and there are so many women who are ready to go to other countries or tourism places with their friends, family or some other people. It is so important for women to always look pretty although they have long journey to certain place. For you who want to look pretty all the time, you better know some tips to keep your beauty during your traveling.

First you need moisture your skin before you fly when you use airplane. It is so important to keep the skin hydrated the night before you finally fly. You can apply heavier moisturizer than before. You need to apply lotion or anything again in the morning. This is important to keep your skin from dry condition. It will make your skin looks fresh too.

Second, you need to forget foundation. You better wear sunscreen rather than foundation. It makes you look always fresh and you can enjoy your journey without need to worry with your face condition.

Third, you better prepare blotting paper. Sometime when you go somewhere that is hot and you don’t apply lotion in your face, you will make your skin becomes oily and greasy. That is why blotting paper will make your skin free from oil. It means your face will look fresh anytime you want.

Fourth, you should not apply mascara when you are traveling or in the journey. It makes you look bad and you will need to always check your mascara during the journey. It means you will never feel comfortable with your make up. You can wear mascara when you have already arrived in the hotel and want to go to some tourism places.

Fifth, you really need to keep your skin looks fresh and hydrated by drinking plenty of water. As we know drinking lots of water will make your skin feels cold and you will be free from dry skin.

There are some other tips that you can do so you will be able to look pretty although you are in your journey to certain place. You better use your journey to sleep so you will have enough energy to travel to all places when you arrive in your destination.

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