The Fashion Trend in 2014

Trend is always changed. The change also happens in the fashion world. Every year the trend has developed in the different way. A new year will come soon, lots of fashion lovers have already waited for the new fashion trend in 2014. The fashion trend next year is predicted back to the root. It means that the trend will be back to the culture. It has been seen in some ways. The trend in 2014 accentuates a cultural identity of a country for example traditional motif but it is more attractive and futuristic. Then, the motifs in handicraft can be applied in designing fashion too. There are four classifications of fashion trend in 2014.

1. Demonic
The first trend is a demonic trend. This trend tends to be traditional. The expected trend in 2014 will be batik motifs, ikat fabrics, and handicrafts. Those trends will again be the spotlight of the fashion lovers.

2. Cardiomind
If we look at the word of cardio, it definitely transfers a thought about the heart and the sports. We are right to think of these two things. It is because this trend has a relation with health. This cardiomind trend is likely importance of comfort clothing itself.

3. Sagacity
It is not about the Twilight Saga, although it has a same word about it. Sagacity comes from the Saga, which means a fairy tale. The fairy tale will be the trend in 2014. Fairy tale themes that are fantasy is expected to be popular in the next year.

4. Asylum
The last trend is asylum. This trend conveys a meaning “everyone is an artist”. This means that the fashion lovers will create their own fashion style. There would really diverse styles in 2014 because everyone has their style statement.

Those are the predictions of the fashion trend that will be booming in 2014. The themes of traditional motifs related to the culture of a nation will dominate in the next year. Many designer experts also predict that Korean traditional styles are becoming more popular and they also take an important role in the world fashion. The colorful fashion is still being favorite of many people for the next year.

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