Tips to Increase Your Battery Life

Today in this modern time, most of people work by using laptop. Laptop or notebook is chosen as best partner because people can work in all places anytime they want. Sometime when you bring your laptop to public area, you are fear with the battery life. Some people feel bad with the short battery life. They really want to know how to increase the battery life so people will be able to work in maximum way. Here are some tips that you can do to increase your battery life. You can practice some tips here and you will be able to enjoy your long laptop battery life.

First you can extend your battery life by lowering the screen brightness. Your LCD screen will consume lot of energy. There are some options and screen levels that you can choose. You better choose to reduce the brightness and it will directly help your battery to stay longer than the previous time. When you reduce the screen brightness, you will be able to save the power and also get less strain on the eyes.

Second, you need to rest your laptop. You can make your laptop in hibernate or sleep mode. You can also turn off the laptop when you don’t use your laptop. It will make your laptop has long battery life. When you always put your laptop in active mode, you will make your laptop needs big energy. It is different when you turn off or hibernating your laptop. The hard disk will stop spinning too and you can save more power and battery life too.

Third, you better reduce some unnecessary applications in your laptop. Playing music, watching film or playing games will reduce the battery life in fast time. That is why you better reduce some applications that you never use recently. It will make your laptop works easy and without need extra power and battery too.

When you do some tips above, you will extend your battery life and it helps you to travel to all places and bring your laptop in easy way. You must try all tips above and save your power and battery life.

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