Understanding about Fiber Optic Technology

Have you ever heard about fiber optics technology? Fiber optic is a pure glass which is long and thin having diameter of human hair. Such fiber optic will be united together as one in a place called optical cables and used to deliver digital data in the form of light in a very far distance. Well, approximately more than 20 years ago, fiber optic cable has provided significant use on long-distance telephone industry technology and industrial automation with remote control. You should know as well that fiber optics also provide a large role in internet technology. The optical fiber replacing copper (copper) as long distance calls and internet traffic indeed has not directly impacted on the cost of production.

To understand how a fiber optic cable works, you can imagine a plastic straw or flexible plastic pipes. Then, imagine the pipe has a length of one hundred feet and you look inside of one side of the pipe. A fiber optic cable is made of pure glass fibers. It means even if the cable has a length of up to hundreds of meter, light can still be transmitted from one end to the other. The glass fiber strands designed very subtle as well. Its thickness is approximately equal to the thickness of human hair. Strands of glass fiber coated by two layers of plastic. It will get the equivalent of a glass fiber around the mirror. This mirror produces a total internal reflection just as if we were in a dark room with a glass window, then you are directing the flashlight 90 degrees perpendicular to the glass. The light will be translucent flashlight out of the room. However, if the flashlight is directed with a low angle, then the glass will serve as a mirror that will reflect light flashlight into the room. It makes the optical fiber’s light goes through glass fiber at a low angle.

Perhaps some of you still have problem in understanding about how such fiber optic works. Yet, what you can simply understand is that fiber optic technology may indeed provide you with quality and better communication technology indeed. Just conduct review first if you want to gain better understanding about such fiber optic technology.

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