A Golden iPhone

Technique million fans around the world freak out when Apple introduces new products. Soon, the iconic brand is a new one with the bitten apple logo in iPhone show - or several. With the 10th September is to be chosen and the date. The rumors over themselves already. Yahoo! tells you what Apple might present that day.

On 10 September will introduce to the world the new Apple smartphone in a keynote Apple CEO Tim Cook. The claims of the always well-informed blog "All Things D" citing anonymous sources. The evidence is mounting that Apple first two iPhone models presents: The iPhone 5S and Cheap iPhone 5C. The messages about a production start piling up. The 5S would be the new top model. It probably would get a missed with four cores and a two-gigabyte RAM instead of the previous three-core processor. Are also expected a better 12 megapixel camera and a slow motion function with up to 120 frames per second in video mode. The biggest competitor, the Samsung Galaxy S4, already has both. Enough light for a double flash could provide. In addition, the new iOS operating system running on the model almost certainly 7th.

Faster, more detailed, harder: the little extra

Supposedly for fast data transfers ensures the fast LTE-Advanced. Screen as a large 4-inch IGZO display with a resolution of 1400x1080 pixels is built according to a leak on the Chinese blogging platform weibo.com. The iPhone 5 has a resolution of 1136x640 pixels. The user will hardly notice the increase: With 4-inch screens, the higher resolution makes it unnoticeable. The home button, it is said, will no longer be concave but convex and equipped with a fingerprint sensor. In order to protect the button, it may be covered with a sapphire layer.

Changes are also expected in the material. Instead aluminum Apple should let iPhone 5S pour the liquid from the ultra-hard metal. Thus, the device would be better protected against drops and scratches than its predecessors. In addition, it could no longer has to be available in white and black but also in gold.

Cheap iPhone to regain market share

The second model is a low-cost iPhone is expected. It is to listen for the name 5C, the C might stand for "Color". The cost model is to be made of plastic and will be available in several bright colors. Market analyst Peter Misek estimates the sale price to 300 to 400 U.S. dollars. With the cheap phone Apple wants to recapture the highly competitive market of smartphones running Google's Android operating system lost market shares. Above all, Samsung has long passed by the Californians. While there is always next to the expensive top Android models in the medium-priced and affordable Android models, Apple had been contacted only to customers with a large purse and only sells the cheaper model year after the release of a new phone.

With the low cost model, Californians could better sell well in countries such as China, where Apple has hardly plays a role. If the 5S come, so the iPhone 5 is likely to disappear from the shelves. iPhone 5S and 5C are likely to appear in the fall, perhaps even as early as 10 September. Some speculators expect even a mini-iPhone in a plastic housing.

Fans and investors wait for new innovations

The previous rumors lack the great innovation. Yet this board and investors expect from CEO Tim Cook. Until that can surprise the techies again, will probably fall to the new models only Apple fans who always want to own the latest and design lovers. All other uses are certainly not much worse with the previous generation phones or cheaper devices from the competition. Maybe Apple does so with the iPhone 6 the expected big jump. The device could appear in spring. There is speculation that it could in the future be available in several versions, as well as a model with extra large display. According to the news agency Reuters Apple thinking about future use with a diagonal of 4.7 and 5.7 inches. The current rumor is breaking.

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