A New Spider Named After a Hobbit Actor

The wild is kept on developing and there are tons of new things found just like the new species of spider that is recently found by Dr. Peter Jäger. This new spider is a kind of smaller spider from genus of Ctenus. This is known as the genus that has a lot of representatives. In this genus, the smallest spider will have the body length less than one centimeter. In the larger representatives of Ctenus, the spiders may reach body length for over 3 centimeters. The spiders within the genus of Ctenus are considered being the wandering spiders that will roam all over the place where they live during the nighttime and then the spiders will catch their prey without the help of spider web.

This newly found Ctenus species of spiders was found when Dr. Peter Jäger explored the caves and forests of Laos and here in this country, Dr. Peter Jäger and the crew from a documentary called “Wild Things” getting familiar with the new species of Ctenus. The spider was found and documented as Ctenus monaghani. The new spider is interesting thing to be studied and known but some people getting all interested with the new of the new species of spider. The name monaghani is known to be a credit for the actor who helped in finding the new spider, Dominic Monaghan who portrayed the hobbit Meriadoc Brandybuck in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

It is indeed and interesting fact that the new spider is named after an actor instead of the spider expert who came along and ensured that thespider is indeed new species. But Dr. Peter Jäger has a good reason to give credit to Dominic Monaghan instead of himself. Apparently, during the documentation of “Wild Things”, Monaghan helped the crew to discover the spider in a river cave before finally the other crews including Dr. Peter Jäger noticed this particular critter with eight legs. Jäger also mentioned about Monaghan’s enthusiasm in the science of natural the world that is widely reaching out for the unpopular animals such as the critters like spiders.

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