A Woman in China Died because She Used Her Phone While Charging It

We have to really be careful when using our gadget. Sometimes, using gadget carelessly will lead us into suffer. In the worst case, it can make someone die. Again, another incident happened in China. Ma Ailun, the user of iPhone Gadget 5, had to accept his fate to death. It happened when she phone with her friend by using the iPhone. The investigators found that the exploding happened because the victim using his gadget to phone with this friend while it is still being charged. Ailun died in an instant because of the electricity flows in the gadget when she used it.

The family members of Ailun were so sad with this incident. It is obvious because this 23 years old woman will plan to marry in August. However, this plan is canceled forever because of the incident. This news has spreading greatly in the internet and many people feel worry with the iPhone they use right now. It is not impossible for other people to get similar incident if they do not know about how to use it properly. The provider should do something in order to improve the capability of their smart phone so that it will not create new victim again, like Ailun’s incident.

Apple as the creator of iPhone has confirmed this case and it seems that they now try to do something to solve this matter. Indeed, high-end specification of smart phone will be featured with electricity component that can make the user able to enjoy its entire feature. Due to this case, the probability of exploding and electricity incident will improve greatly. Not only Apple, but also all providers of Smart phone must do something to improve the security and safe of their product. If not, the number of victim will keep improved from day to day. Ailun’s sister gives advices to all users of Smart phone to not use it when still being charged. When people use the iPhone to talk with their friend via phone, the component inside them will become heat and it can make the flows of electricity becomes abnormal. There are 4 totals of iPhone case problems happened in China this year.

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