Anemia: Cause and Symptoms


Anemia is one of diseased related to blood cells. It is often ignored because people are more focused on hypertension which is considered more dangerous. The fact is that anemia is not as hazardous as hypertension in term of effects and further complications. As we know, hypertension tends to cause more risky diseases. Although anemia is ‘commonly less perilous’, it does not right to pay no attention to it. You must be knowledgeable about anemia, in order that you can avoid and detect it earlier.

Causes of Anemia
The general cause of anemia is the inability of the body to produce enough red-blood cells. Besides, it can also happen when the body loses blood excessively. However, the causes will be various whenever it is related to other diseases. In fact, anemia can be triggered by other diseases.

The followings are some types of anemia which are often found, according to the cause:
- Vitamin deficiency. When you are lack of B12 followed by not enough consumption of other nutrients can bring anemia to you
- Iron deficiency. Iron is known as the main substance needed by the body to produce red-blood cells through hemoglobin. If the iron intake is low, the body will generate less.
- Chronic diseases. If you think that anemia is sort of unimportant health problem, you should re-think about it. The research shows that anemia can be caused by chronic diseases, such as kidney failure, HIV AIDS, cancer, etc.
- Sickle-cell anemia. It is a hemoglobin defect, which makes it produce abnormal red-blood cells. The shape of those cells is like crescent moon; which tend to die faster. This condition may cause someone lack of red blood.

In addition, anemia may occur when someone is having her menstruation period or pregnant.

Anemia Symptoms
To detect whether you are suffered from anemia or not, you need to know the symptoms of this disease. Some common symptoms of anemia are as follow:
- Headache
- Cold hand and foot
- Dizziness
- Pale skin
- Irregular heart beat
- Short of breath
- Weak
- Fatigue
- Pain in your chest

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