Apple iwatch

Connected to his watch, apple recruit many engineers, with the aim of a release in late 2014.

Apple has launched a wave of hiring to address design issues connected his watch, dubbed by the press "iWatch" reports the " Financial Times ", Monday, July 15.

According to a previous noise corridor relayed by Bloomberg agency , apple already mobilize a team of 100 people to develop in secret device "wristwatch", with the goal of launching before the holidays this end year.

But the Apple team would face "difficult technical problems it has not been able to solve," said an anonymous source quoted by the "Financial Times". Where these new hires.

Probably because the challenge of inserting the many technologies in a space the size of a watch. Speculation evoke a touch screen about 2 inches (5 cm) for the iWatch, which embark on system of the iPhone, iOS, for a permanent link with the smartphone. A patent filed by Apple also lets imagine a flexible screen to watch.

But while the brand likes to launch only refined products, technical difficulties would delay the launch of iWatch at the end of 2014, reports the "Financial Times". Far from the output to the end of 2013, as sung by Bloomberg.

Is disappointing some investors who are eagerly awaiting Apple once again proves its ability to innovate and straightens the bar its action which fall on the stock market since mid-September, the action fell to $ 426.5 away of 702 dollars on 20 September ... "Competition for Swiss watches"

Rumors are rife around the watch connected. Apple recently made ​​applications for registration of the brand name "iWatch" in Japan, Taiwan, Mexico and Russia. The firm has also hired Paul Deneve , former director of Yves Saint Laurent, to work as vice president of "special projects" in direct contact with the CEO Tim Cook. "Projects" that many imagine related to the world of fashion and luxury.

For its part, the watchmaking sector waiting for her arrival that Apple could "triple the size of the watch market in a year or two," said Marshal Coehn, an analyst at NPD Group. In France, the watch industry reached 1.4 billion euros in 2012. The industry is doing well: Swatch weighs 20 billion in stock market. Casio has generated a turnover of $ 1 billion with digital watches.

And the market for "portable computer" is about to take off, suggests a study by Jupiter Research. The agency estimates that weigh 1.5 billion in 2014. What to salivate.

Swiss watchmakers await the arrival of Apple in their market. "It would be presumptuous to think that this type of watch will not be competition for Swiss watches," he told AFP Jean-Claude Biver, Chairman of Hublot, a prestigious brands of the LVMH group. In an interview to the magazine "L'Hebdo", the boss of Swatch, Georges Nicolas Hayek, said he was "serene" about the arrival of Apple's market. According to Jon Cox, an analyst at Kepler Cheuvreux, the impact should be limited: "I guess the possible market impact of Swatch Group should be less than 5% of operating profits."

Apple is not the only one to pay close attention to watches connected. All the giants of the computer and the web want them to Samsung for Google , to Microsoft , LG or even Dell .

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