Apple Upgraded iPhone 5’s Camera and Graphic Card, Rumor has it

Many have been speculating about what Steve Jobs’ legacy will do with their newest update on their line of Smartphone, the iPhone 5. Speculations, speculations everywhere. It is normal for any Smartphone manufacturer to have been speculated about the release of a new Smartphone, especially if it is regarding a flagship model.

Apple also joined the circle of manufacturers being talked about their newest release, and the talks about which is now moved to another level. Although any of Apple’s representatives had not spoken about anything of iPhone 5, their newest generation of iPhone, and the rumor about surrounding the device was getting hotter. The newest words on the street said about a few specifications leakage of iPhone 5.

Chinese website the Expreview publicized some information regarding iPhone 5, but not the ordinary 5. It is a 5+S, the rumor about iPhone 5S. The source informed that some improvements will be added to iPhone 5. The improvements believed to be improved graphic card, improved memory, and improved camera. The device itself still retained the 4 inch IGZO screen that could indulge the user’s eyes with its 1136 x 640 resolution. As had been cited from Digital Spy.

Another specification also included the processor used by Apple’s newest generation of iPhone. iPhone 5 will be using the good old A6 processor, but with a higher clock speed. It was also said that Apple’s new Smartphone will be using a quad-core graphic card. Besides the same good old screen and the same good old chipset, the Apple’s only line of Smartphone also retained the same amount of Random Access Memory (RAM). The amount of RAM given was predicted to be about one to two gigabytes. Other improvements done by Apple also concerning the camera sector. While the earlier generation of iPhone got an 8 megapixel camera, the speculated iPhone was believed to have a 12 megapixel censor camera. The 12 megapixel camera also in the company of dual-LED flash to help it taking pictures in low light condition.

Apple promised to bring some new improvements to their newest baby gadget. What the rumor was given was only a few of improvements. Still, there always chances of a lot more improvements than the improvements believed in graphic card, camera, and memory sectors.

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