Avoiding Dehydration in Summer Heat

Many people are waiting for summer time because it is the perfect time for enjoying outdoor activity with the sun which shines brightly. Sun in the summer is very generous for spreading the ray so people do not want to waste this opportunity which is hard to be found in other seasons. Nevertheless, people should remember that summer can be very hot and they have higher risk to suffer of dehydration in the heat of summer sunshine. It is necessary for keeping their body hydrated or else they can suffer of heat stoker and even death during summer. People should balance the intake of water as well as the losing body water amount so they can avoid the dehydration condition which can be really dangerous.

There are some tips which people can do for making sure that they can enjoy summer and stay hydrated. Firstly, people should remind that they should drink enough water not to heal the thirst but to prevent it. The fluid loss in the body should be monitored and it can be checked by seeing the urine color. Normal urine will have pale yellow color instead of dark yellow color with cloudy look and hard smell. People must think that summer will be great time for exercise but they should remember that it will be great for them to drink the water before, during, and also after the exercise. If people want to exercise for more than an hour under the extreme heat, the water should be supported by the sport drink which is added with electrolytes and small amount of carbohydrate for preventing hypernatremia. It is necessary for people to start their exercise program with well hydrated condition.

Alcohol should be avoided before doing long exercise and people must not push their selves to keep exercising if they have hangover. For keeping hydrated, people can consider any kind of fluid including soup and various types of beverage. For optimizing health during summer, it must be great if people can consumer at least five cups vegetables and fruits every day. Under the heat, people can lose sodium content in their body so people should find something which can replace the sodium and potassium loss in their body.

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