BlackBerry Messenger for Android will be introduced in September 2013

It is obvious that many people today like to use Android rather than Blackberry. For that reason, Android developers try to make new innovation in their Android. It is issued that Android gadget will be able to use BBM or BlackBerry Instant Messenger in it. Indeed, this feature is introduced firstly in BlackBerry gadget. In fact, this becomes the main reason why many people like to buy Blackberry after that. Unfortunately, the popularity of Blackberry does not remain too long as Android comes and takes their popularity away. The issues of BBM application available for Android are actually not a rumor anymore, as you can now see the screenshot of this application in the internet. The developer of BBM for Android says that they will launch this new innovation in the September of 2013.

BBM in Android is claimed has many features available. In fact, all of those features are better than BBM feature in the Blackberry itself. Those who want to communicate with others easily can now use BBM for Android in order to stay connected with other. As the best brand of gadget in the world, Samsung is issued to become a provider that will launch BBM for Android in Galaxy S III. From the screenshot available in internet, you will see that the BBM logo has shown in big size, as well as, the option of “Sign in” and “Create Blackberry ID” in it. If you have owned a BBM account, you can now just choose the first option to sign in.

Sunil Lalvani, Managers of Blackberry India, has said that the developer or BBM of Android is succeed and public will be able to enjoy this feature in the September of 2013. BBM is rumored to be provided also in iOS. You can now get the latest information about BBM for Android if you send your email to the Blackberry for Android Website. By doing this, you will know newest information about BBM Application occurred in September 2013. This feature is really amazing since you will be able to send text, video, photo, voice note, and many more easily.

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