# Classroom Pets

Who would ever guess that pets could actually be featured in education? It is a common thing that big kids (high school students) use animals as experiment objects in Science. However, what about pets? Do we often find pets in any classrooms? Well, now some educators, especially in kindergartens, start using pets in classrooms. Not without a reason though because pets are actually a really wonderful source of not only happiness but also inspiration for almost everybody including kiddies. This is why teachers and also parents are really recommended to use this great feature to help their children learning in school and at home. However, there are several things you need to consider before making a decision. Here are pros and cons of having pets in your classroom.

Let’s start with the pros first. First of all, it has been proven that the existence of a pet in the classroom could actually improve students’ learning experiences because believe it or not, almost all curriculum areas are enhanced. For instance, in Math kids could learn weight. It is super easy. You could put the pet on a scale and then ask your students how much it weighs. And in Science, you could ask them questions like what rabbit eats or something. Then there are also Geography, Language Arts, and even Social Studies that could be learnt by using pets you have in your classroom. And another advantage of pet in classroom is to make children learn caring for animals.

However, of course there are also several cons of having pets as an educational feature. The first con is that animals obviously need a lot of care and also attention. So of course that would all be your responsibility from now on to provide things like foods and water. And if you want your students to take turn bringing those pets home for the weekends and also holidays, you should also involve their parents because those kids would obviously not be able to do it all alone. And lastly, you actually have to make sure first that the classroom is suitable for keeping pets inside.

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