Common Nexus 7 Problems and Possible Solutions to Do

More and more people are using Nexus 7 since its launch. Incredibly, this Google’s small android is used by up to 1 million users worldwide. The users are happy with this new gadget which is manufactured by Asus because it has great specs but still in affordable price to purchase. Instead of the good news, nexus 7 has been reported because of several problems.

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The first issue is about the random reboot and this problem happens when the users use Chrome. Keep your apps update can be the solution to this kind of problem. If it doesn’t work, you can try to do soft reset. Just push the power button for about 30 seconds and wait until its reboots. The second issue is on its multiple touches. There is a case where the users only tap the screen once but it is reported as two or eve three taps. The basic thing to do is by installing an app known as Yet another Multi Touch test. Don’t push the screen to hard or too long to prevent multi touches. There is also a possibility that this problem caused by specific software. Just do the safe mode and remove the apps.

The third issue reported from the users of Nexus 7 is about the GPS. It seems that the GPS doesn’t work well and even drop. The case is that they can use it for a few minutes but later it doesn’t connect anymore. To prevent this kind of problem, it is better to use one GPS app especially a GPS designed for Google such as Google Maps. Just try to reboot the gadget as the alternative to connect the GPS. If it is caused by the software, it means you have to wait or update it so you are using the latest GPS version. The fourth problem which commonly appears in Nexus 7 is about the screen flickering problem. It happen when you set the gadget in low brightness setting. In this case, you should turn off the auto brightness and set it brighter than 40%. If it doesn’t work to solve the problem, there is a big possibility that the problem is caused by hardware bug.

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