Facebook undermines the moral

The social network makes it sad, according to a study. Morbid curiosity, reputation not mastered, holiday photos ... To each his bad memory.

A study published in the scientific journal PLoS by Ethan Kross, Wednesday, August 14, shows that Facebook makes people unhappy . Results showed "that the more people using Facebook, the less they felt good when asked by text message just after" write researchers. "Over the past two weeks, more than they used Facebook and their satisfaction in life has declined over time," they added. What could be the reasons behind their growing down? 10 examples.

1. Birthday anxiety.

Each year, the glorious day arrives, with "Would his birthday" displayed on the screen of all your friends. 2.0 A celebration can turn short. "You expect congratulatory messages that fail and if you get in only 10, it sucks," explains Laura, 25. "In fact, you're afraid of the opinions of others about your social, quantifiable number of interactions displayed on your timeline."

This is to show his friends that is popular. For Helen, a young executive, the problem is long-buried: "I turned the anniversary of my profile It allows to distinguish between those who really remember and sycophants of the Net.".

2. Morbid curiosity

Facebook is the way to stay in touch with anyone, including with those who have hurt us. The former, for example. "After a bad breakup, I deleted my boyfriend and his friends to my contacts to not having heard from him," said Joel, 32. "But once every three months, sometimes I go look at his account. And I come across pictures that hurt me."

An unhealthy curiosity about the origin of many torments barbed wire in the belly to jealousy, a feeling of emptiness for the nostalgic memories. Facebook is a Pandora's box in rocky cover. Just enter a few words into the search bar to open it.

3. "Change your password"

Watch occasionally profile a (e) ex, it's hard. But knowing his life by heart, thanks to the hacking of his account, it's even worse. For several months, Arthur, 26, spying on her ex-girlfriend: "I logged several times a day on his profile from a proxy server to not be geolocated and confused The problem is that I had. access to everything, without being able to express myself, if I was burned out. "

Arthur undergoes a double penalty: find difficult to digest, her new boyfriend and other information can be-and silenced. "One day I got tired and I told him to change his password. She threw a fit ..." he concludes.

4. Reputation ... my sister

Even when it is not registered on Facebook, the social network manages to touch us. "My little sister, who regularly posts pictures of her half-naked bother me," said Leah, 24. I often take thought of my friends who see publications. She did not realize the impact. This is annoying. "

The pictures posted on Facebook may lead to its end users. In April, a Canadian teenager committed suicide after the publication of a compromising photo.

5. Isolated from his friends

In the series "not on Facebook, but Facebook annoys me," Thomas, 26, says: "The" events "created by my friends to organize parties exclude me is when they do not think to warn me by text message. This is a form of segregation. " Without Facebook, socially exist seems to have become complicated.

6. I'm missing!

Each day, the addict to Facebook receives its fresh new shoot. But on August 16, information is scarce and pals create a craving "depressing" to Jean, 22, who is awaiting the publication of his friends. The day yawns, stretches, punctuated by updates to the timeline calls "F5" angry. In vain.

7. Vacation photos office

"The photos of those who take it easy on holiday, feet in the water, when I'm working it's hard," said Sarah, thirties, employee of a clothing store. Snapshots quick to revive heartburn office. In gender, tumblr onpensebienavous is particularly irritating.

8. This is a job!

Facebook is learning communication at the individual level. To highlight to his circle of friends requires a daily investment: "We must control all the time, says Sarah Calibrate his sentences, choose her photos ... It is time and headaches.".

9. I forgot ...

For Adrien, 57, clerk, Facebook is not enough practice: "I constantly forget my password Each time, it takes me forever to find a combination of 'safe', it m. 'enquiquine. "

10. We can no longer lie

Hard to be discreet when you have a Facebook account. In some professions, such as journalism, anonymity is a condition sometimes necessary to carry out its work. "When I have to stipulate another profession a journalist, to obtain documents, I do not feel quite up to the shelter," said a reporter. "Now it is possible to verify that I'm on Facebook and I can not live without:. It is essential for me because I use it as a tool."

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