FBI United States Has Created Software that Can Spy Android Gadget and PC

It is not a secret anymore that people can get easy access to hack computer or server by using modern technology today. Indeed, some people may do that for good purposes but some others do that for bad purposes. Regarding all of those impacts, public has been surprised with the rumor that FBI in United States can now spy PC or Android gadget easily. It is due to many reports come from public that someone has hacked their computer or server so that they cannot do their activity easily. With the help of FBI, people who do suspicious things in their PC or Android will be known instantly. There are many criminality actions happen in the cyber nowadays so that FBI try to do all possible things to reduce its risk.

Based from the information taken from Wall Street Journal of America, FBI has started to do this activity from now and they still develop new software that can spy all suspicious activities done by the public. As long as you use your Android or PC in a good way, there is nothing that you have to worry about. But, if you have done something bad by using modern technology, you must be careful! Who knows that FBI will come to your house and arrest you immediately when it is proven that you have done bad things with your Android gadget?

Digital Security development has been improved from the time to time in order to protect the justice in the world. Indeed, it can also make people unable to do something they want, if it can give bad impacts in a large scale. In order to protect this development, the government of America has given strict security to this research. Indeed, it is really important for public to not know about this development. This is the main reason why the secret of method to spy Android and PC done by the FBI still unknown. But of course, this kind of research is very useful for the sake of all humanities in the world. Not all people in this world are a good person, right?

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