Finally a pill against a hangover

Of California researchers have developed a nano-capsule accelerates the elimination of alcohol in the body.

COCKTAIL ENZYMATIC. Countless remedies grandmothers, tablets, potions or patches so-called miracles are supposed to give you a boost to the party tomorrow.

But science will perhaps help us for good to overcome the horrors of alcohol abuse. An article published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology reveals the secrets of enzyme cocktail "anti-hangover" developed a research team from the University of California.

CAPSULE sobering. Take two groups of alcoholic mice. The results of experiments conducted by the researchers show that the level of alcohol in the blood of the group who received the famous antidote is much lower than the test group: 15.8% after 45 minutes, 26.1% after 90 minutes and 34.7% after 3 hours.

The effect may be prophylactic even when the capsule is ingested together with the beverage. In this case, the treatment group has a level of alcohol in the blood of less than 36.8% in the test group after 3 hours.
The pill could be on the market ... within a year or two!

The origin of the effectiveness of this technique, an assembly of two enzymes in a mini-capsule few tens of nanometers in diameter. The enzyme known as "oxidase" degrades alcohol molecules in producing hydrogen peroxide. Then the "catalase" decomposes hydrogen peroxide (a toxic product) water and oxygen. These chemical reactions are identical to those which occur naturally in the liver after absorption of alcohol.

Protected by their envelope-based polymer, enzymes acting directly in the digestive system. "Like other proteins, for example in food, enzymes are generally digested in our digestive tract," says Yunfeng Lu, professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering at the head of the research team. "The use of a capsule allows us to protect the enzymes so they can carry out their work."

MORNING AFTER PILL. So, when an anti-hangover pill in pharmacies? Now that researchers have overcome the greatest technical difficulty - namely synthesize a stable nano-pill in time - it would not take more than one or two years after Professor Lu

It could be used both as an antidote to poisoning as a means of prevention to protect the brain and liver when considering a drunken night. "Just like a pill."

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