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For you who love sport specially football, then of course you put your attention to the transfer window in this year. This is the right time for each football club to strengthen their power to face up the new season of 2013/2014 that will start in September. The competition in the next season is harder than before because we can see that there are so many football clubs from around the world that have a commitment to be the best. This is also becomes the last competition before the celebration of FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Let’s we get focus on European football competition. As we know right now, the blue ocean is the centre of football competition in the world. Many people believe that the football competition in European is the most powerful competition in the world.

Who doesn’t know about Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Paris Saint German, Bayern Munich, and many more top clubs in the world? They are competing in the blue ocean region. What news about the transfer window in the blue ocean? The transfer window top news in this season is about three top names such as Gareth Bale the player of Tottenham Hotspurs, Radamel Falcao the player from Atletico Madrid, and Edinson Cavani from Napoli. Radamel Falcao has been purchased by AS Monaco from League 1 France. Many people shocked due to the decision of Radamel Falcao have made. Beside AS Monaco, Falcao is a target of Chelsea, Real Madrid, Paris Saint German, and many more top clubs in Europe. This is the most absurd news for football lover.

What about Gareth Bale and Edinson Cavani? Cavani is the top scorer at the last season with Napoli in Seri A competition. Paris Saint German got the signature from Cavani for about 3 weeks ago with a very high price. In this transfer window before the competition of 2013/2014 season get started, Gareth Bale is still being a top target of Real Madrid. If Real Madrid succeeds to get the signature from Bale, then this transfer becomes a new transfer record in the world with more than 80 million pounds.

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