How to Cure Hemorrhoids (Obat Wasir Ambeien)

Sometimes, some people experience unpleasant sensation on their anal region. This sensation may cause itchy and hot feeling around the anus which is very uncomfortable. Even, on a more severe condition, there might be painless blood from this region. These symptoms may be the sign of hemorrhoids. It's a disease that can be divided into two, the internal and external. Although it looks less than important, it can really affect our productivity as the sensation may be hard to bear. Thus, you better find the right hemorrhoid cure (obat ambeien / obat wasir) before it gets worse.

Hemorrhoids is mostly caused by straining during bowel movements, constipation, sitting for a long time, and many other things. It also can happen to women during pregnancy or to people that lack the consumption of fibre. If you feel the symptoms mentioned above, you can try to soothe it by consuming more fibre, at least 5 plates of fruits and veggies every day. It's also important to drink more water to regulate your bowel movement. In addition, don't eat fried and spicy foods during your attempt for hemorrhoid cure (obat wasir / obat ambeien) as they may make it worse. You too can apply topical cream on the affected area to stop the itch and hot sensation.

However, if the hemorrhoids don't seem to get better, you can visit your doctor. Usually the doctor will give a more precise identification on how severe your condition is. If it's still on early stage, you will be prescribed with creams that can help with hemorrhoid cure. Yet, if the condition does not get any better, you can try some procedures. The most common one is rubber band ligation. This method has been proven to be effective to most people and you will be healed completely in a week. The second method that you can try is hemorrhoidectomy or the removal surgery. This also works well to cure your condition.

As hemorrhoids can be very painful and annoying, you can avoid it by eating healthy foods and have a regular bowel movement. You too better exercise daily to avoid constipation. Sitz bath can be an alternative to relieve the pain should you need hemorrhoid cure. You also better avoid perfumed products as they can worsen the condition. You should understand though that it's a treatable condition and to get the fastest solution, pay a visit to the doctor will always work. Never underestimate it though as it may mean something serious.

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