Important Things about Hemorrhoids (Obat Ambeien Wasir)

Everyone has hemorrhoids but sometimes those could become pathological and causes some major problems for people. These are what you need to know about hemorrhoids. First thing first, hemorrhoids themselves (obat ambeien / obat wasir) are veins that present in people’s anal canal. These structures of vein function as cushion and also help in controlling stool. And just so you know, hemorrhoids are composed of things like connective tissues and also channels of anterior-venous. There are two common types of hemorrhoids. The first one is internal hemorrhoids and the other is the external one. Those two have different symptoms so you should identify the symptoms to know which type of hemorrhoids you suffer.

Let’s talk about the internal one first. This one is definitely the mild hemorrhoids because even though there would be rectal bleeding and all but you do not have to suffer from the pain. The rectal bleeding produces bright red blood and it usually is quite painless compared to external hemorrhoids. Other symptoms you could find are things like itchiness which could also occur even if you have external hemorrhoids, mucous discharge, fecal incontinence, and also a perianal mass.

The external hemorrhoids have quite different symptoms from the internal one. In general, when you compare the internal and the external hemorrhoids, let’s just say that the most torturous one is the external because it causes pain even though there might not be rectal bleeding and all. But the fact that the pain will only fade away after several days could be something you do not want to go through because you would not feel comfortable enough doing anything even sleeping during that painful thing. However, you do not need to get worried because the pain would only present if your external hemorrhoids thrombosed. But if they are not, you only have to deal with symptoms that are quite similar with the internal hemorrhoids.

If you do not want to go through that painful thing over and over again, you should definitely find a hemorrhoids cure (obat ambeien / obat wasir) that has been proven as a good remedy. Fiber is one thing you certainly need to try because it has consistent beneficial effect to reduce the symptoms and bleeding. You could also try bioflavonoids that would help to stabilize and strengthen your blood vessel walls and also reduce the inflammation. Other things like witch hazel compress or cream, butcher’s broom, and horse chestnut are worth your try as well.

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