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The battle between Google and Apple for a market that weigh 1.4 billion euros in 2014 looks daunting.

On the one hand, a watch. From each other, a pair of glasses. Behind these two objects, two technology giants Apple and Google. Their goal? Seize the market connected objects, and more specifically that of "data range". A paradise that will weigh 1.4 billion euros in 2014, Jupiter Research predicts the agency. Between the probable iWatch Apple and Google Glasses , the battle looks daunting. The next master of high-tech

" The computer has evolved , "says Forrester Sarah Epps, an analyst at Forrester, in his blog. . "From the computer desktop to laptop that fits into a bag to put it in your pocket Now the computer reaches new frontiers: our bodies and the environment in which we live." For the analyst, if a player takes advantage in the market "data range", it will become the new master of high-tech for the next decade.

"All high-tech giants trying to find out it will be the 'next big thing', the next revolutionary product , "says Paul Saffo, director of Discern Analytics agency. "The 'next big thing' may be a bunch of little things. What do you do when you have a laptop, a smartphone and a tablet You create accessories." The Apple Ecosystem

If the watch connected to Apple and Google Goggles will operate in the same market, the two products are like the two giants. "These are two objects touch the intimate and will make our lives easier. But the commonalities end there," said the blogger Eric Dupin, founder of Lemon press site. "On one hand, we have a watch that is the extension of the Apple ecosystem, the other was a pair of glasses that will be the social object par excellence."

The iWatch Apple, if it is more than just a rumor , could " fill a gaping hole in the Apple ecosystem , "says Bruce Tognazzini, a former employee of the apple. According to him, the" killer app " The decisive feature to the consumer could be unlocking the iPhone and the iPad when it is close to the watch. "There is a good chance that the watch works with iTunes," adds Eric Dupin. For Bruce Tognazzini, the iWatch will be a NFC chip, a technology that allows, for example, pay just going to watch a scanner.

The Apple iWatch could also benefit from the huge reservoir of applications already available for the iPhone and iPad. "When Apple releases a product, the consumer already has access to a lot of application," warns Eric Dupin. "That's what gives it its strength." Google yourself and your data

The goal of Google, with his glasses, looks very different. "If you look at Google's new promotional site for his glasses, you understand that the Company believes to real human beings , "said Chris Matyszczyk, editor of the specialized site CNet. For Eric Dupin, Google Glasses have an advantage that can not not have the Apple watch. "The view in the first person. And from there, it goes to a very social use of glasses." Specialist and let his imagination overflow ".? Imagine all the people who posts videos of their daily lives and even for sports, what do you see a tennis match through the eyes of Roger Federer"

Google has also asked the U.S. Internet users to imagine what they would do with Google Glasses on the Google+ social network and Twitter. A good way to let consumers own the product.

Most importantly, Google will have another way to retrieve as much data as they want on its users through the glasses. " Each user will give Google, exponentially large amounts of personal data , more personal than ever, 'where we are', 'who we are', 'what we do', 'how much is our blood pressure ',' what is our mood ',' how many calories are this muffin that we were not supposed to eat ... ", Brian Hall, an expert analysis of new technologies. For him, two questions arise: "When does it become too much?" and especially "that Google will all this data?"

The arrival of Apple and Google in the market for connected devices is not done for the same reasons. "Apple is quickly proving that she can still innovate and replay the stroke of the iPhone in 2007 and the iPad in 2010," warns Eric Dupin. For Google, this will be the opportunity to prove that the web giant is able to design and create a beautiful product. Moreover, the company is in talks with Warby Parker , a distributor of sunglasses "hype".

After smartphones, tablets and computers, the war between Google and Apple is preparing to extend this "computer application". Ambush with Samsung and Microsoft that reflect respectively a watch and the glasses connected.

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