Jakarta Has the Most Expensive Cost of Luxurious Property in the World

As the most influential location in Indonesia, Jakarta has been nominated as a city which has the most expensive cost of luxurious property in the world. Based on the Global City Index, by Knight Frank, it is shown that the graphic of property cost in Jakarta has increased drastically. The present age of increase in this city has reached 27.2% which means that it is not easy to own luxurious furniture or property in Jakarta, except you really have a lot of money in your pocket. The reason why the cost of property increases is due to the immigrant comes to Jakarta today.

With this amount of achieving, Jakarta has succeeded in defeating other famous cities in the worlds, such as Dubai, Shanghai, and St. Petersburg. Why? It is obvious that the percentage of property cost in those countries only increases with 2.4% only for each years. Yet, the percentage does not always increase as the graphic of property cost in those other countries than Jakarta has been decreased. Indeed, with the increase of property price, people in Jakarta will be able to obtain good place for living. They will be able to feel comfortable when living in there since the facilities available are complete.

Everett Allen, from Residential International Center, said that the achievement of 27% in property cost in Jakarta has been occurred since 2009 and still continue until today. He predicts that the percentage of cost will improve again the august as there will be more people come to Jakarta to celebrate Idul Fitri. Then, how about other countries, such as Europe? It seems that their achievement is still cannot defeat Jakarta. It is obvious because nowadays, several locations such as Roma, Paris, and Madrid have not developed really well. The residential cost has been reduced until 0.9%. In fact, this amount of decreasing is better than last years, in which several countries in Europe have to suffer due to the decreasing of property cost until 3.4%. It seems that many countries in Asia, including Jakarta has developed really well. Singapore also tries to develop the cost of property they have. Now, Singapore has 5.5% percent of increase in its property cost.

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