Jelly Bean Has Dominated Android this Month!

All people like to use Android Gadget today! Indeed, it is due to its facilities and easy uses so that many people prefer to use this type of gadget that using others. Two versions of Android which use Jelly Bean technology are Android 4.1 and Android 4.2. In fact, both of them are really popular today. It is proven by the statistic of Android users which is updated by Google in August 2013. Google always give updated information about the statistic of Android users every month so that people can see how this gadget develops really well today.

Until today, Android still dominate in the market with percentage of 40.5%. As mentioned above, both Android 4.1 and Android 4.2 are the most influential one. Android 4.1 has been dominated in public with the amount of percentage 34%. Meanwhile, Android 4.2 has been dominated with 6.5% only. Even though the percentage of Android 4.1 is higher than 4.2, many people still like to choose both of them. The percentage is actually better than last month. In July, the market percentage of android is only able to achieve 37.9% which is lesser than the percentage in August.

How about Gingerbread Android? It is unfortunate that Gingerbread has reduced in its trend. Since July, the marketing percentage is only able to achieve 34.1% but then in the next month, August, its percentage reduces until 33.1%. Due to this reducing in percentage, the developer of Android will try to rethink about developing Gingerbread Android. The latest version of this Android can only reach until 2.3. Below Gingerbread, Android Ice Cream 4.0 has reduced in its popularity too. In fact, the amount of percentage that this android can achieve this month is only 22.5%. How Google can give accurate calculation about the development of those Android gadgets? The answer is, Google use the statistic of Android user who have visited Google Play Store by using their Android. By using this method, Google will easily be able to calculate the percentage of Android users. Nowadays, it is rumored that Google will also give updated information about the newest version of Android 5.0 Key Lime for 2014!

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