Madrid Craving for Conversation with Bale

The rumor of Gareth Bale, an incredible talent owned by Tottenham Hotspurs, moving to Real Madrid has spread when the transfer window started at the end of the last season. However, there is not yet certainty whether the player will get out of White Hart Lane or not.

Real Madrid was said to be craving for Bale. On the other hands, Tottenham seems sure not to let him go. The coach of the Lilywhites showed signs that Bale is one of their best players for which they will not let him leave. Interestingly, there was an issue that the player himself was angry and frustrated because his club would not receive what Madrid has offered, that high transfer price. In short, Bale has indicated his willingness to join the giant Spain football club but his biggest obstacle is his own club.

Madrid Insisted Their Enthusiasm on Bringing Bale to Bernabeu
Recently, Real Madrid through their sporting director, Zinedine Zidane, was reported of longing for having more private talk with Bale. This former best world football player said that Tottenham should give a chance for Bale to discuss his future with Madrid since he is eager to play in La Liga.

Madrid is undeniably ready to spend huge amount of money to buy Gareth Bale from Tottenham. The club has reported of offering 95 million pounds; a very huge transfer value. It even break their own records of the most expensive transfer Madrid made when they brought Cristiano Ronaldo –their brightest star-- from Manchester United around four years ago.
Zidane added that the chance to play in Santiago Bernabeu with full-of-stars football club is not a chance which often comes during someone’s life. He was sure that the 24 years old Bale would not want to miss such kind of chance. In his opinion, Bale should change the same white jersey with the new one, which is more appealing.

While Bale has played magnificently during the last season in Premier League, it is so normal when Madrid is really passionate for involving this winger into their play-scheme next season. This will be interesting to know the ending of this transfer-drama.

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