Samsung Galaxy S4 Explodes in Hongkong and Destroys One’s Apartment

Nowadays, there are many accidents happen because of gadget, for example a man in Hongkong, who own Samsung Galaxy S4. His gadget explodes in his apartment at it damages all of his properties completely. Fortunately, there is no victim of this incident. However, it is a pity to see the case of gadget exploding today. The development of technology make people should be careful with the situation around them. If they use the gadget carelessly, there is a high chance that the gadget can explode in an instant. The name of this man is Du. He said that he didn’t realize that his mobile phone is the main cause of this destruction.

Du said that the last time he used his Samsung Galaxy S4 is when he played Love Machine. Suddenly, the gadget exploded and the fire starting to move and burn all of his belongings in the apartment completely. Unfortunately, he was sat at Sofa at that time so that the fire became spreading easily. He was safe because he was run away when accident happened, including his wife. Indeed, both of them did not realize that something like this will really happen to them. Based on “The Register” news, it is said that Du has used original battery and charger inserted in his gadget. It is issued that the battery he used is not original so that it triggered the fire and make the gadget exploding surprisingly.

This case has been sent to the developer of Samsung in Hongkong. The provider of Samsung promises that they will double-check the quality of their product carefully so that similar thing will not happen again. In addition, the case of gadget exploding in Hongkong, is not actually the first one. Similar case happens in Swiss. A woman, namely Fanny Schlatter, who own Samsung Galaxy S III, must accept his fate that his gadget exploding. Indeed, after police did the investigation, it is shown that the cause of the exploding is the battery. Due to this reason, all people who own gadget with Samsung battery should be really careful since it has capability to explode if it is used carelessly.

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