Samsung Galaxy S4 is better than iPhone

Indeed, the competition between popular brands, such as Samsung and iPhone becomes hot news today! Many people know that Samsung always shows that their product is better than iPhone. The evidence can be seen through the video of advertisement that Samsung created right now. Based on one of video sources in internet; a video with title "Ready to Take Off", shows an advertisement about two people using different gadget. The first person is using Samsung Galaxy S4; meanwhile another person is using iPhone 5. This video, indeed, has been seen by many people around the world. Many people who have seen this video give their comment about the video.

Some of them criticize that it is fun to compare between two brands, but some others consider that it is something that they should not do. Regarding all of those matters, many people like to see this vide and they are willing to see it again and again. The story begin with a person who feel pride for having iPhone gadget, this person said that iPhone is simple but great in performance. Moreover, this person also said that he will never change iPhone gadget that he has right now. It is definitely difficult to move to other platforms of gadget if you have felt in love with this one.

However, person B who sits next to the person A said that it is no use to feel pride about the specification of gadget he has right now. Person B shows to person A that he uses Samsung Galaxy S4 and it has Smart Switch feature in it. With the help of this feature, the user will be able to transfer data easily, such as photo, music and message texts file. In the end of video, person A who has iPhone tries to take the Person B’s gadget, Samsung S4. It is fun to watch this video indeed. It is due to his interest about Smart Pause feature which can detect the eye of user so that the video played in Samsung S4 can be stopped automatically if the eye of user moves directly to other objects.

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