Samsung Has Developed New Technology of Gadget with 8 Cores!

Many popular brands have developed the technology of their gadget so that it can provide great performance and specification for all users. Media Tek has been issued that octa-core processor has been realized. One brand that is rumored to use this 8 core of processor is Samsung. As the most influential brand in the world, Samsung always provides something new to its fans. This process, namely Exynos 5 Octa will be introduced to the public soon. In fact, there will be many differences available in this 8 core processor, for example, it uses big.Litlle from ARM in which consists of 4+4 processor available.

Can you imagine how powerful your gadget will become if it is attached with this processor. Indeed, this high specification of process will be able to run many applications in an instant, without giving trouble at all, such as freezing, bugging, and many more. For game lovers, this new technology of processor, indeed, is good news from them. Those who like to use their gadget to play high-end game will be able to run it smoothly without lowering in speed. It is rumored that the gadget which uses this 8 core processor will be able to function well. It will automatically turn into idle mode if the users do not use it for a long time. As a result, the user will be able to save more energy when using the gadget.

The amount of benchmark for gadget attached with 8 core processor is really something else due to its score which can achieve 30.000 points. Another rumor spread, that 8 Core Processor will be attached in the next generation of Samsung gadget, Galaxy S5. In fact, it is true that octa-processor will be able to improve the performance of gadget in an instant. However, other specifications in that gadget must be improved too, for example the resolution of screen, ARM used, and the amount of RAM available. The rumor that Samsung wants to develop new gadget using octa-processor technology shows that Samsung wants to become the number in order to compete with other gadget developers in the world.

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