Solar Panel and the Efficiency of Energy Absorb

Recently a lot of people are charmed by the solar panel and how useful this natural and good source of energy. Some people may get so excited in building the solar panel and use it to capture the sunlight and then use the energy from the sunlight for various electronic devices at home. Having solar panels is thought to be something cool; however it is unwise to use solar panels without even knowing about the cost of maintenance. There is one thing that will be necessary to be considered by anyone who is interested in building and using the solar panels. This thing that will need to be considered is related to efficiency of the solar panels in capturing the essential sunlight.

The thing that will need to be considered is cleanness of solar panel. This is something very important because solar panel will get dirty overtime and will eventually reduce the effectiveness in capturing the sunlight. Dust and dirt will build up on the panels and in order to avoid the lessened efficiency, solar panels will need to be cleaned regularly. The regular cleaning will need to be done often when solar panels are being used in regions that are rarely rain. According to the analysis, solar panels that are used in the regions that have nice weather and rarely rain will lose efficiency up to 7.4% during the drought while when rain comes; the rain will wash and clean the solar panels.

Aside of the fact that the weather will affect the cleanness of the solar panels, the way of the solar panels being installed will also affect the effectiveness of the ability of solar panels in absorbing sunlight. According to an analysis, solar panels must be installed in an angle higher than 5 degrees. It will help in preventing the dirt to be built on the surface of solar panels. The steeper the angle, the harder dirt to build up on the panels and installing the solar panels in steeper angle is something recommended. Ultimately, regular cleaning is needed and do it correctly to avoid problems further.

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