The Decline of Printed Media

A few months ago, there was news about the closure of some print media. It is sad news. In fact, we do not know how to read trends in the digital age. Indeed, it all looks so easy and simple. For example, you want to read a particular book. You do not have to bother to go to the library and look for it on the shelves. What will you do is type in a keyword in the digital library. Furthermore, you can find titles that are in accordance with your wishes. Meanwhile, you can also follow the latest developments regarding the latest news on digital paper. All news will be updated every second. You will not spend the time to flip through the sheets.

The development of technology has always created its own risk. We must be ready to adapt to certain trends and tendencies. In the printing industry, there are many changes that have transformed people's lifestyles. In the past, people used to subscribe to several newspapers and magazines. They must pay every month. During that time, they will wait at every morning for a newspaper or magazine delivery. Indeed, there are some disadvantages of print media. You can prove it from the advent of television in the past decade. People would rather watch television than read the news in the papers that have been stale. After that, the Internet has captured attention the community. Now, you might prefer to read news on the internet. Sometimes, you do not care about the validity of the news on a website. Yes, we need a sensation. Everyone loves the controversy. And it is the advantage of online media. Obviously, news should be publicly accountable. Unfortunately, a news item on the internet should be able to grab traffic rating. That's because they need more revenue from advertisements on the internet.

So, all will be determined based on needs and interests. Until now, there are many people who still love the print media. Remember, they love it. Not prefer it. If the print media is extinct, we cannot imagine how the world would change drastically. So, all is your choice.

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