Types of Hemorrhoids (Obat Wasir Ambeien)

Hemorrhoids or as some people also call piles are veins in people’s canal of anus that could become inflamed and also swollen. Normally, hemorrhoids function as a cushion that is formed from connective tissue and also channels of anterior-venous. There are also some symptoms you could feel and see when your hemorrhoids become piles but it will entirely depend on the type of your condition. We have two types of hemorrhoids. The first one is internal hemorrhoids and the last is external hemorrhoids. And those two, like we have explained before, have rather different symptoms. Now, let’s talk about the symptoms of internal hemorrhoids first.

Unlike the external one, this type would not cause some pain whatsoever. There would only be rectal bleeding that produces bright red blood but you could not feel the pain at all. The rectal bleeding itself would only occur when there is a bowel movement. And that is the main symptom of internal hemorrhoids. However, there are also several minor symptoms you should also know. The first one is a perianal mass but only happen when your hemorrhoids prolaspe through your anus, fecal incontinence, mucous discharge, and also itchiness. So, what about the external one?

The symptoms of external hemorrhoids would depend on whether they are thrombosed or not. When not thrombosed, your hemorrhoids would only cause some problems you could find on people who have internal hemorrhoids such as itchiness, hygiene issues, and even pain on the surrounding skin. However, if you happen to have thrombosed hemorrhoids, it would torture you because that would be really painful and the pain could even last several days. The swelling would disappear much later after the pain is fading. However, the skin tag which is the result of the event would remain there even after you are healed.

Now let’s move on to the next topic which is the cure for hemorrhoids (obat ambeien / obat wasir). Some people might think that hemorrhoids could only be cured through operation. But stop right there, actually this condition could also be treated with simple hemorrhoids cure (obat ambeien / obat wasir) or remedy. One you definitely could use is fiber. For a really long time, people know fiber as a benefiavial substance especially for digestion. It has consistent useful effects especially for reducing the symptoms and also bleeding of your hemorrhoids. Not only that, fiber could also help in softening your stool and little by little increasing the bulk of it.

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