What balance of world championships

The Jamaican won the 200m final at the World Athletics Championships 19 "66.

Usain Bolt may be the biggest star of world sport but often misrepresent him. A genius sprint, eccentric and raver, not very hard worker, never depressed. Here is something a little better understanding of the double Olympic 100m champion, who won Saturday, August 15th in the 200m final of the World Athletics Championships .

1. He has one leg shorter than the other
It is well known: the style of Bolt is really unusual, different from previous stars of the sprint. A type 1, 95 m, the taut torso and head straight when he runs. This stance has earned him serious back problems, which caused an imbalance of her pelvis.

Results, as explained in "L'Equipe mag" Bolt's right leg is shorter than the left about a half inch. It's been a laugh "Lightning Bolt": "This somewhat complicates the task in the corners."

2. He spends his evenings playing dominoes ...
We often think Usain Bolt spends his life going out, booze and dancing. In fact, during competition (extremely long to this level), like all champions, his lifestyle is impeccable.

In his large house in Kingston, he welcomes his friends and fellow training and playing dominoes until late at night.

Other passion: video games. In GQ , Gael Leiblang, director of the documentary broadcast by France 2 which followed his preparation for the 2011 world championships:

"The PlayStation 3 is really the world. It is a passion that has since very young. Coaches, when he was 14 or 15 years, would look to the arcades in the northern The island video game allows. him to escape. It is in a bubble.

It was not uncommon during filming to see him play four or six hours later to play fight with Marvel Hulk for example. He also loves football. With Yohan Blake, he plays Fifa before competitions! "

3. ... and he works more than you think
And the day he works hard. In the document of France 2, his father
I once attended a practice and that day I suffered. He vomited, he stressed the air. I told him, 'Son, I did not know it was so hard. It's too hard to watch him train. ' It was really hard as training. "
After training, by cons, Bolt likes to take it easy. At home, it's a friend, hired as a handyman, who handles daily tasks. This is the fault of his mother who is too busy for him, he said, and also because it calls lazy.

4. He wanted to be professional cricketer
Child - as teammate Yohan Blake - Usain Bolt did not dream of becoming sprinter but professional cricketer, very popular sport in Jamaica. Promising him and his friends imitated Pakistani and Indian stars, shouting "mushu mushu" as they (hear what they thought).

Bolt loves Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar .

In his home region, north-west of the country, he and his friends cut in two banana stems to stakes and used coconut branches as a bats. However, we must not believe that Bolt is a very poor background. He never lacked anything, he says.

5. He was diagnosed hyperactive
Bolt was the little one to do silly things all the time, never sit at the table, stirring constantly. His father, manager of the local grocery store, sometimes corrected with a belt - "Everywhere except in the face. It is the custom in Jamaica. But it does not happen to me that often, "said Bolt in L'Equipe mag.

A bout of nerves, her parents eventually see a doctor. His father said:
I thought he was sick! The Doctor has just told us: 'It is hyperactive, your son. There is no cure! ' We had to leave it on but still the monitor so it does not get hurt. "
6. He witnessed the accident that killed his grandfather

In "L'Equipe mag," Bolt told a hard time of his childhood, when he was 9 years:

"My grandfather is dead in my eyes. They had an outdoor kitchen and the floor was wet. He slipped. His head hit the door. He had run to the neighbors for help. Too late.

It's strange, I have not felt a sense of panic or that order. I guess I did not realize. I have not measured the scope of the event a few days later, at the funeral. My aunts and my mother cried their father. There, it has moved me. "

7. Usain Bolt is an exceptionally early

When Bolt began his first perfs at the highest level, inevitably (in the classic sprint), some began to say: "And if he was doped?" His supporters immediately opposite them, in addition to the lack of evidence, his incredible early.

Just 15 years ago, the Jamaican is outclassed and participates in the World Junior Championships. He won the 200 m, becoming at 15 years and 332 days the youngest world champion in history. This is where his nickname "Lightning Bolt" is born again that for the first time, it mimics a military hi facing the audience and realizes that his eccentricity may please.

A year later, the Pan American Championships, he established the world's best youth perf 20'' 13.

8. He has completely missed the Olympics

Do not believe the story between Bolt and the Olympics is perfectly idyllic. Certainly, it was a triumph in Beijing and it starts very well in London. But it was there in Athens in 2004, and it is less well.

He was just 17 years old and injured just before the competition, not recovered, stunned by the pressure, he was eliminated in the 200 m in the first round. It was after this failure he decided to turn to his current coach, Glenn Mills, we had you proposed portrait.

9. He was hated in Jamaica

After his failure at the Athens Games, set by the Jamaican press on account of a lack of training and too many outings, Bolt suffered reproach. The following year, the World Championships in Athens, he stops halfway, struck by a pain in the thigh. It deals with the "sissy". It is the shame of the Jamaican sprint.

Bolt says:
Some have said that I was afraid, others we had paid me to lose. Dirty stuff about me that bothered me.
But you learn from this kind of experience. The sport is a ruthless world. Especially in Jamaica when you're on top, you are around the corner. People who cheered you quickly overwhelm you. "

His mother testified that he "did not want to leave, remained cloistered at home"

"He kept telling me that I should not watch the news or buy newspapers. He wanted to forget what had happened. I saw my child very sad. He did not cry but I felt hurt."

10. He sees "Hans Healer"

To reduce the suffering that give her back compote, Usain Bolt sees a wizard. A doctor, in truth, but has bewitched his patients who do not want to see anyone else.

Usain Bolt goes several times a year in Munich, in the office of "Healing Hans" (Hans Healer), Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt. The doctor, well known in Germany, is expected to be 70 years (August 12), but it would give him at least 20 less. Surely he is himself went under the knife.

The list of his patients is a sort of Who's Who of entertainment: Cristiano Ronaldo, Bono, Bode Miller, Pavarotti, Michael Jordan, Andy Murray ... and several opponents Bolt. It is also responsible for the team of Bayern Munich since 1996. So, Usain.

His methods allow the rest of the perplexed profession. He speaks of homeopathy. He is the king of infiltration, told ESPN ( read their remarkable survey in English ) to have practiced "well over a million." He claims the use of Actovegin , a product containing calf blood under the supervision of WADA banned in France and North America but not prohibited.

Glenn Mills is presented to the German doctor Bolt. The Olympic champion was 16. At ESPN, Müller-Wohlfahrt said:

"His coach brought him here to ask if it was worth it drags He was not sure he was able to train very, very hard I said.." S ' it is like that and it exercises is he can. "So he did the exercises and success came. We have very good relations, we frequently are corresponding."

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