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What Is Lung Cancer?
People nowadays I believe have already noticed about the danger of certain disease such as cancer. Even there have been many types of cancer which people may suffer nowadays. We all notice that cancer may affect any different parts of the body actually. In this article I want to discuss specifically about lung cancer. So, what is lung cancer actually? Like the name cited, lung cancer is certain type of cancer which may affect certain part of the body especially human’s lung. This kind of cancer may grow badly if it is untreated. Well, so what are the causes and how people can deal with such kind of cancer actually?

Further Information about Lung Cancer
First thing to discuss is actually about the any causes that make people suffer from lung cancer actually. Well, there are many causes of lung cancer which you need to know. The majority of lung cancers are caused by smoking and also due to exposure to cigarette smoke. The more cigarettes smoked, the greater the chances of developing lung cancer. Smoking is believed to damage the cells lining the lungs. When filled with cigarette smoke carcinogens, changes in lung tissue indeed are immediately started. At first your body may be able to repair this damage, but when it happens repeatedly, the normal cells that line the lungs even longer will experience more severe damage and causes the cells to act abnormally. Then people at this phase may develop cancer actually. The other factors causing lung cancer are radon gas, asbestos exposure, and other chemicals, family history, and also excessive alcohol consumption.

After recognizing about the major causes of lung cancer, what you need to learn next is about the symptoms. It is important to understand the symptoms of lung cancer actually. Lung cancer usually does not cause signs and symptoms in the early stages. Signs and symptoms of lung cancer usually occur only when the disease is advanced.

"...There are several signs and symptoms of lung cancer which you need to pay attention. The most noticeable symptom is a cough that does not go away which is usually more than 2 weeks; changes in a chronic cough, bloody cough, change the color and increase the amount of sputum, shortness of breath, pain in chest and spine, pain while conducting deep breathing, changes in a hoarse voice, drastic weight loss, headache, and also swelling in the face or neck.."

So, how people can conduct diagnosis to such kind of disease actually? Well, there are many methods which people can do in order to do diagnosis about such lung cancer. To diagnose lung cancer, doctors usually recommend following methods such as imaging tests such as X-ray photograph and CT-scan. You can also diagnose lung cancer by taking advantage from certain methods such as sputum cytology and biopsy. Once lung cancer is diagnosed, the doctor will do tests to determine the stage of lung cancer in order to determine the appropriate treatment. Well, what you need to do is to consult expert actually.

Another thing that people need to pay attention related to lung cancer is in how they conduct treatment and prevention. If it is about the treatments, what people can do are several things including operation, chemotherapy, radiation, and also drug therapy. People can choose one of the treatments or combine any of them actually. So, what are the preventions? Lung cancer can not be prevented directly but the risk can be reduced in the following ways such as to avoid smoking and breathing smokes from others, conducting healthy diet such as eating fruits as well as vegetables, reducing alcohol consumption, and conducting regular exercise. Actually, prevention is better than treatment right?

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