How to Cope with Jammed Car

As a driver, have you ever suffered certain condition such as jammed car? This kind of problem indeed has made more and more people become so much troublesome. In understanding in how to deal with such jammed car, what people need to do is to know any source of problems causing such condition. Basically, there are three components that drive the engine so that the car can function normally. They are power supply, ignition, and fuel. If one of these three components has certain problem, it will make the car cannot function normally even jammed. It is true that people may rarely suffer from jammed car. Yet, it will be great if they understand in how to deal with the problem.

In dealing with the problem, there are several things to check actually. First thing to check actually is about the starter switcher. Although most people consider this to be trivial, yet the fact is that it is the most basic effort to cope with jammed car actually. So, what kind of condition which should be checked actually? Usually, the problem is related in how the starter switcher gains loosening because of the wear out problem. So, it is better if you check your car switcher device if the car was difficult to turn on. If indeed there is a problem with the switcher, replace it with a new one. But if you are in the middle of a long journey and you cannot find any nearest auto parts store, you can bring emergency replacement in the first time before you conduct journey actually.

If the basic cause of jammed car is the quality of starter switcher, then what you need to check secondly is about the power supply. What I mean by power supply is the battery indeed. Check the power supply or battery when the car broke down is an initiative effort that should be conducted in the first time. Although perhaps the jammed car is rarely occurs because of the battery problem, it doesn’t mean that you can become careless about it. Usually, the problem of the battery is related mainly to the pole head or because the battery suffers from corrosion. When this happens, you can cope simply by tightening the screws on the battery poles and clean the battery attached to the surrounding. Yet, you need to make sure first in how you avoid worsening problem related to the battery.

After you conduct checking to the battery, don’t forget as well to conduct checking in certain part of the car such as the ignition. This is considered to be important as well actually. If there is no problem with the power supply components, it is likely the cause of a car breaking down is because there is a problem in the ignition or the spark plug. The main cause of the problem may vary whether because of the dirty condition or worn out spark plugs. Those basic causes may make the car gaining break down or jammed. What you should do is to check the ignition section of dirt by wiping it and make sure the spark plug connection installed correctly.

Well, if you have conducted any of checking that I provide above, you need to make sure as well about another cause of car breakdown such as the lack or emptiness of the fuel. This may become so much troublesome if your car is run out of fuel yet you cannot find any gas station around the location of car breakdown. This indeed may become your lesson in bringing emergency fuel within gallons while you conduct long journey actually.

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