Lifestyle Change to Reduce Emotional Eating

Some people crave for foods when stress. Emotional eating happens because biologically, stress will cause body to produce cortisol and the stress hormone increases your crave for foods, especially carbohydrate and sweet. The other reason why you crave for foods when stress is due to distraction made by eating so you forget the problem, childhood foods that create comforting memories, and when you believe eating could reduce your stress. If you experience emotional eating, you will get problems. Eating too much will make you gain weight fast that would be bad for your health and your appearance. When emotional eating makes you eat junk foods, the problems will grow bigger. In order to reduce emotional eating, you need to change your lifestyle.

To reduce emotional eating, you must try hard to stay away from stress. First, check out your schedule. Many people get stress because their daily schedule is full loaded. You need to re-schedule your days and get rid something not so important so you can get a time to relax every day. Sometime, your schedule is full-loaded because you do multi-tasking job. At a glance, multi-tasking job seems make job done faster but multi-tasking jobs make you not focus and screw up everything. Instead of taking multi-tasking job, try to take one job at a time and you can see the jobs are finish faster. In addition, sometime you love to do some job when it close to the deadline. Stop doing that and finish jobs as soon as possible. This way your schedule will be friendlier and you can see more free time to enjoy your life and stress-free.

Unhealthy body is another caused of stress. When your body feels bad, you could not focus and the jobs would be messed up. Start to live healthier from now on. Choose healthy foods and eat regularly. If you never have breakfast, eat breakfast from now on because breakfast will give you energy and make you feel full. Take small meals throughout the day to maintain your blood sugar level. Exercise is important for healthy life but you had better do light exercise everyday than doing heavy exercise once a week. Do not forget to have high quality sleep. When you feel something bad with your body, do not ignore it. Bad feeling in your body is a sign that something wrong happen to your body. If you ignore it, the problem will grow and when you get sick, it would increase your stress.

If you kind of person who always do something in a rush, you need to try to slow down your day. You can start it with the way you walk. Walk slowly, softly, and tenderly. Enjoy every step you make. Then, try to take a seat and slow down your breathing. Close your eyes and feel every breath you make. It will help you to calm down.

If you could not stay away from stress, you need to find a way to deal with it without involving foods. Instead of eating, try to sip a cup of black tea with no sugar. Black tea will help you to reduce cortisol level. If you could not find a cup of black tea, foot rub or neck rub would help you to feel more relax. Because foods could be a distraction, find another way to distract you such as writing. Write down your thought and all problems you have is proven to help you release stress.

If you could not help yourself to eat, you can eat but choose foods that could help you to release stress. Whole-wheat product, avocados, blueberries, spinach, almond, pistachio, walnuts, salmon, turkey, eggs, soy products, tuna, and asparagus are examples of anti-stress foods. If you crave for sweet, eat sweet potatoes that contain fiber, beta-carotene, and vitamins.

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