Motorbike Race

For some people, this probably will be a silly argument, but for me, this is kind of a head to head battle between the two. We know that almost every man is into automotive, whether it is car or motorbike. And there are some females that also into automotive, whether just to have fun watching the game or to really do the race herself.

Most of my female friends will strongly say that car is better than motorbike while I don’t think that way at all. As a fan of motorbike, I think car will give you less adrenaline than motorbike. In the car, you probably will still feel the air of being fast, and you can easily see the speedometer to know how fast you’re going and for some people, this stimulate their adrenaline and make them excited.

Different from them, I rather feel the speed on motorbike whereas I can easily feel the air. As I go fast with the motorbike, I can feel myself going against the wind which makes it even more exciting. I don’t have to see the speedometer to see how fast I’m going. All I need to do is just feel the wind, it will give me more satisfaction than car can ever give me.

As one of so many fans of MotoGP, I still think that Valentino Rossi is the best one in the motorbike field. Though people are saying that he met his doomsday when he joined Ducati, I still think he has something that other bikers don’t. He has passion and also correct calculation.

He won’t go slower just because it’s a turning point, but he also know at how degree will he take his bike far inside or outside. One example of reckless biker is the infamous Simoncelli. He was known as being passionate and brave to act, though some people accused him of being sloppy, but he has his gut. Unlike his fellow biker, Rossi who share the same courage as Simoncelli is far more careful than Simoncelli. And you can see how amazing his balance is if you watch the race where Simoncelli ended his life.

Rossi clearly effected by Simoncelli fall, but though the bike was shaking, he still can ride it straight without falling. And that is something that you can’t overlook. Just as amaze as I was, people were acknowledging Rossi’s competence when they saw his ability to balance himself and also the bike.

I have to admit that Rossi’s performance since he left Honda years ago was a bit dropping and sometimes disappointing. Though he was trying his hardest to find its ‘click’ with the mechanic and the machine and motor itself, looks like he had to give up in the end. That’s why even though it was hard, he left Ducati eventually, and went back to his old family, Yamaha, which obviously showed much improvement than before.

Rossi was an unbeatable rider, which made him titled The Doctor and for some time, he kept that title worth it. But slowly, as there’s many amazing bikers appearing, he then has to face those bikers and they are not easy opponents. Some people say that it’s almost time for Rossi to just retire from motorbike and let the younger bikers take over the race. Maybe they think as older Rossi gets, he loses his charm and ability to compete in the race. I don’t think so, though. I still think that Rossi can compete as long as he wants to. Right now he’s just facing obstacles and he will soon overcome those obstacles and come back as The Doctor that we always know.

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