New Element Has Been Found - Confirmed

Science is something that is really exciting to learn because it is often becoming something totally unexpected. Like the latest news from science field, a team of researchers that come from all around the world successfully confirmed that they have found a new element. And of course this is worth a celebration as we expected there will never been anything anymore to be added on the long list of our chemical elements. And just so you know, the latest research was kind of a confirmation because other researchers have found this thing first and so it is needed to be proven once more and then confirmed.

The Research
Their last observation to confirm this matter was actually conducted by a team of researchers that come from all around the world. However, even though it was done by a team, some physicists from Lund University have got the honor to lead this significant research. And after sometime, they then could confirm that yes, a new element actually exists. They gave this new chemical element a 115 atomic number. This important experiment was conducted in Germany, precisely at GSI research facility there. This experiment was actually a follow-up of a previous research that has been conducted by some research groups from Russia. They got the early measurements and the results of this latest observation basically could confirm those.

The Research Results
It was said that the experiment went really well and they considered it as a quite successful one because that was like one of the most significant researches in science field in recent years. There were a lot of things being done when the research was in progress and one of the leaders of the research team confirmed that they have found a lot of information about this new element. Dirk Rudolph, one of the research team’s leaders and also a Professor at Lund University stated that their team has successfully gained an access to some data. The team used the data to get a deeper insight into our new element. Things like its properties and also its structure are the results of their successful observations. And for your information, this element that has recently been found could actually be categorized into super-heavy atomic nucleuses.

But how they did the experiment so they were able to confirm it? Well, it started out of them trying to bombard a really thin americium film with calcium ions. And by doing that, those researchers then finally were able to measure some of the photons in connection with alpha decay of our new chemical element. Plus, it was noted that certain energies that have been produced by the photons were actually sort of matched with some of the expected energies for radiation from X-ray, and in this case that was some kind of “fingerprint” that is possessed by the related element which is the new element, the given one.

However, we likely would not know the name of the new element just yet because the related parties have not yet named this new super-heavy element. The related parties especially from a committee called the international unions of pure and applied physics and chemistry was reported would need to review the new findings or the results of this latest research. And after that they might be able to decide whether they have to recommend other teams to conduct some further observations or not before they could then announce this new chemical element officially. Obviously, public is probably really curious of the news and need the committee to acknowledge the discovery of this new element as soon as possible.

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