New iPhone Will Be Followed with the Shocking Price

Until this millennium era, we have experiences of some gadgets which can technically support our daily activities from cooking, socialize with other people, even to help some students to understand their required subjects at school. The most popular gadget in our society nowadays is the iPhone which has been popularized by Apple. The Smartphone can really help people and assist them to finish their daily activity in the right way. But, some people out there also have been regretting the Apple’s policies and the price for each smart gadget they made, the distribution and the price. As we both know that Apple always made their products with perfect quality, they also usually launch the product to the mass-markets with an expensive price for each type.

But the mysterious issues about Apple’s iPhone have been spreading widely these days that Apple will immediately launch the low-price iPhone. People, especially the medium class and teenagers were really excited when they heard that issue because until nowadays, Apple still sold their iPhone in high-price range (400-900 USD). In addition, even people were really excited about this issue, but they still wonder about the price. They speculate that the price of this low-cost iPhone will be launched and sold for about 200 USD or 300 USD and people have their own expectation about the design of this Apple’s low-cost Smartphone.

The Even Apple company still keep the design, price, and features as their company secrets, but in some countries, there are some websites that spoil the design and price of this newest iPhone. Planned to be released on September 13th in 2013, people nowadays can easily look he design, reviews, and the price on the internet. Those sites say that iPhone will be launched and the mass-produced will be starting on September 13th and the price will be in the range of 300 USD. About the design, this type will have a little different from its “seniors”. But the materials that used on this product will be totally different than the other types. Unlike the other products from Apple, especially the iPhone which always use the stainless steel material, the low-cost one will use the plastic materials. This is the biggest matter which makes gap in the price. Plastic material is cheaper than the stainless because stainless have more durability and the stainless material also have more solid structures which make the case become harder to break.

Furthermore, the previous designs from iPhone usually just have 2 colors, black and white. But the cheaper one that issued will be launched and mass-produced this year on September 13th have various colors for the case and due to its plastic material used for the product, the owner can easily change their phone’s color as easily as they change their cellphone’s case and colors. But, as we have know before about the failing of plastic material, the most common problems of plastic material in this iPhone are the case will easily get overheated and the case which can be easily broken if it get fallen from the higher positions. Those are the most reason stated by people whom still hesitate the issue of low-cost iPhone. However, people also still have a lot of hesitation on the low-cost phones persistence because even they are known that Apple always sold their product more expensive than others, they would never make a product with a lot of problems with it. But when they made the low-cost or literally cheaper product which will be mass-marketing for several months again, people wondering, “what is the meaning of “cheaper” stated by Apple company?” People will not easily put their trust in that issue.

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