Samsung appointment on September 4 for a watch connected

The South Korean is about to unveil its shows connected, cutting the grass underfoot competitor to Apple.

Samsung will unveil its shows connected "Galaxy Gear" early September, bringing a boost in the race for smartwatch by beating the competitor Apple, say several sources.

Called Galaxy Gear, this shows connected to the internet via the smartphone is expected to make calls, manage e-mails, check his Facebook and Twitter accounts, and even surf the internet, reports the website specialized SamMobile . This smartwatch "will be presented on September 4" in the preamble of electronics fair IFA in Berlin, says the site. Information confirmed by the agency Bloomberg , which states that the watch is equipped with a rigid screen to Contrary to what the experts expect Apple to watch.

Samsung has confirmed earlier rumors about the launch of a watch connected, and filed the name "Galaxy Gear" end of July "a wristwatch capable of providing Internet access and send and receive phone calls, e-mails and messages. "According to a patent filed by the South Korean manufacturer, the watch would have a curved screen with down control buttons, a speaker, a microphone, and a USB port. No flexible screen?

Galaxy Gear will have a 1.67 inch touchscreen (4.2 inches diagonal) display, a 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth and NFC sensors with a Samsung Exynos 4212 dual core 1.5GHz processor and 1GB RAM, details SamMobile . Specification to "take it with a grain of salt", but said the site. Based on this preliminary information, a user has imagined what might the Galaxy Gear in a video .

The serious " Financial Times "also announced the launch of Samsung shows for" early September. " The business daily said that, for its part, Apple should "not expose the product until next year."

Apple filed in June an application for registration of the trademark "iWatch" in several countries. Will see a confirmation recurring rumors about Apple and a clock connected to which a team of a hundred people would be mobilized in the greatest secrecy. This iWatch would have a flexible touch screen powered by the energy of motion and allow to make calls, surf the internet, geolocate, check his heart rate or number of steps, etc..

The watch market is promising connected. The arrival of Apple it could nevertheless "triple the size of the watch market in a year or two," said Marshal Coehn, an analyst at NPD Group. Besides Apple and Samsung, Sony has launched its smartwatch, and all the giants of the computer and the web want them to Google to Microsoft , via LG or even Dell.

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