Tablet: Portable Gadget

Over the years, technology has become sophisticated and as time goes by, it keeps evolving. Nowadays, there are various kinds of gadgets offered to you from gadgets with one function only such as cameras and music players to gadgets that can do almost everything like laptops and the newest gadget out there, tablets.

The first time laptops were introduced into the market people sought them out because of their portability compared to computers. But now, as technology keeps on evolving, there is a new gadget called tablet with even more portability than a laptop. A tablet usually is a one-piece device with a touchscreen as the main input device, though there are booklet tablets which come with dual-touchscreens that can be used as a laptop if one of the touchscreens used as a virtual keyboard.

One of the reasons as to why tablet become so popular is because of its size. Compared to a laptop, it is smaller and lighter in weight, thus making it so much easier to bring. Due to its small size, you can even put a tablet in your handbag. And because of its portability, tablet has become a preferred gadget. Businesspeople seem to really like this particular gadget because they need to be able to keep in touch with their companies and clients anytime and anywhere.

Another factor that makes tablet popular that despite its small size it offers the user the same functionality as computer which mean that you can do your job anywhere you do. Tablets also come with various attractive designs. Tablets also have flexible screen, you can choose whether you want to have the screen in portrait or landscape.

Despite of many advantages a tablet offers, it does not mean it has no flaws. There are several disadvantages to having a tablet rather than a laptop. While a tablet can function just like any computer, but it has weaker capabilities. Not to mention that the hardware is so much easier to damage. The body of the tablet might be durable, but the touchscreen is not. Once the touchscreen is damaged, then you cannot use your gadget anymore. So you have to be even more careful with your tablet.

And a tablet’s screen is much smaller than a laptop’s thus at times making it harder for you to finish your work. A tablet is also unable to process massive amounts of data and the speed of the input process is slower.

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