The AOC 29” UltraWide 21:9 Monitor Review

For those who have gotten used using two monitors, they might quite uncomfortable changing the whole room design and starting to use a single monitor. But it seems the development of the technology has provided a new solution by producing an UltraWide 21:9 monitor with AOC 29 inch. Its sleek look gives its lover a modern appearance. Its user will find a benefit on using a single monitor screen, so that they will conserve more working space and they do not have to worry being bothered needed to match up two monitors onto one same position, same height, same color, and same brightness, and not to mention same balance. This monitor, which is mostly known as Q2963PM, unfortunately doesn’t suit for Mac user. So you guys apple’s fan-boys out there you can stop reading this review right now.

The best thing about Q2963PM is that user can assemble it way much easier than any other products. I guess it thanks to the hinged base that is snapped into place, without any fuss bothering it. It has a 2560 x 1080 resolution, which is pretty good for a product with a very low price range such as Q2963PM. When it comes to powering, the Q2963PM is pretty responsive. The LED could come up in a few seconds only. And thanks to the bezel (which is very thin), the screen looks more expansive. Unlike any other monitor, the windows 7 background looks perfect. There is no annoying stretch, nor distort. Even you could see its perfection when you check the colour and contrast out.

The coolest part about Q2963PM is that it has a program allowing its user to make multiple monitors on its surface up to 4 sections of variations. It is completed with a possibility to input any other additional feature such as video signal, and even a Blu-ray player that you can plug using the HDCP-compatible port. However, this monitor (if you see from its specification and what it possibly offers to you) looks very suitable only for games. Businessman may do not want to lose that real estate screen. But overall, if you look for a monitor that is good enough to replace your dual monitor in your room, I’ll very recommend this Q2963PM. From resolution to features, this guy is the best in today’s market (for gamer users) and not to mention that its price is very affordable.

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