The Importance of Protecting Our Environment

It is important for us to keep our environment clean. Having clean and fresh environment will make all living things in that environment feel comfortable and peace. 

However, with the development of technology today, it is hard for people to find good way to protect their environment. In their heart, some people like to protect their environment, but some others are careless with that. Some bad people are willing to hurt the environment by polluting the air, water, and land. Indeed, it gives many disadvantages to all living things so that they can easily get ailments because of those pollutions.

Cutting down the trees is something bad that many people have done in the past. You may realize that the number of trees available in this world has been reduced drastically. Indeed, the amount of tress available now is not enough to reduce the pollution in the air, since the amount of pollution is higher. Why many people like to cut down the trees in forest environment. People need money and place for living. For that reason, they cut down the trees and use these materials as media for building home. Then, they can also sell the trees to other countries to obtain a lot of incomes.

After cutting the trees, people become greedy to exploit the forest environment. Instead of replanting the trees, they decide to use the area of forest which has no trees anymore, to be used as house resident. Some people believe that having residence business by sacrificing the environment will be able to make them obtain a lot of money. This is very ironic and shows that people are lost their mind and prefer to hurt environment rather than protecting it. When they do something like this, of course there will be a consequence that they have to bear.

When environment becomes weak because the act of people, there will be many disasters occur in this world. Today, we are aware that many disasters, such as flood, earthquake, and land slide are very dangerous and sometimes make victims. All of these problems occurred without having solution at all. The solution can only be done when people stop hurting the environment. However, it seems that stopping environment problem is not an easy thing to do. All people should be aware with the quality of environment they have right now so that they will realize how weak the environment is.

There are still many ways that you can do to protect the environment from further danger. First, you can start to protect the environment around you. Do not throw away garbage carelessly. This kind of act is embarrassing and show how careless you are with the environment. Doing simple thing, like saving the plastic of candy in your pocket and then throw it away when you find trash is the best behavior that you can do to cover this weak environment from further dangerous. Second, do not do the same thing like other people who are careless with their environment. If you find such people do bad things to environment, you have right to ask them not to do it. But then, the best thing that you can do is not copying their act. It will prevent environment from further danger in the future.

Third, make sure to not do something that can pollute the air, land or water environment, for example you have to throw away your smoking habit. It has two disadvantages. First, it can endanger the quality of your body. Second, it can reduce the quality of air environment. Passive smoker can also get suffered because of your act.

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