The Next Apple iPhone Will Be Designed In Futuristic Form

In these days where people have spent most of their daily time by socializing with each other, there are also so many companies that doing some research to make the best communication gadgets to be released and mass-produced for people who have a great society, who prefer to spend most of their time chatting with their friends all around the world or just fulfill their hobby and desires in gaming. We cannot separate the gadgets from its owner nowadays, because whatever they did, they will always end it with some helps from their gadgets. We can easily look through the most common phenomenon today. People, even those are children, can have their own tablets or iPhone everywhere they are, right?

This phenomenon is a good sign for the electronics and gadgets company like Apple to get more profits from those people whom have already become addictive to improve their gadget. Apple can read the opportunity for modern people nowadays whom are also becoming more consumer these days, and so on, they now have become more productive than ever. Apple has launched their products such as tablet and iPhone more intensely than when people have put no attention to the gadget (iPhone and tab) that they have made. Furthermore, these consumptive people will put their interest and they will have a willingness to buy the new product from Apple to get their gadget technology upgrade and they can always be up to date by changing their old gadget into the all new types.

This year, Apple have been issued for their new products launching to overcome their competitor, Samsung. Yes, Samsung has read the Apple’s concepts on its iPhone and from several years ago, Samsung has made some types which can also be categorized as a Smartphone. Even both in those companies have strictly compete each other, Samsung can read the market better than Apple. They launch their galaxy Smartphone and tablets with cheaper price than an iPhone, with more features, cheaper application, and the products are also having nearly the same design.

Anyway, Apple has stated their protests to Samsung because they think that Samsung has done the plagiarism on Apple’s design, features, and technology. But people have put no interest in that case. People just care about its price, features, and durability. To overcome the Samsung booming on the market, Apple has been planned to make the new generation of iPhone with better features and cheaper price to get the people’s attention back after people put their big interests to Samsung products. This competition amongst Samsung and Apple is really making sense because before Samsung launch their first type of Galaxy Smartphone, Apple has been the King of Smartphone with the most advanced technology and no one can imitate their products.

Moreover, today Apple is doing some research due to their next iPhone project. Apple company is now designing and researching for the design and technology to build their iPhone 6 perfectly. This new generation of the iPhone will be totally different from the previous designs which physically formed as a black or white bar to multi-purpose usage with various applications and features inside it. Apple is now preparing the new design with 3D camera and wireless charging port which are nowadays, no one can produce an iPhone with such features.

The next shocking idea comes from Apple is that iPhone 6 will be designed with a totally different form. This next generation of iPhone will have built in futuristic mode with the newest transparent display screen technology which is predicted will be the most interesting point of this type. Until now, due to the same case of iPhone 5 explosion which have been reported by some victims, people might be still hesitate that iPhone can make the iPhone 6 perfectly. But, if Apple can make it without making any mistakes which can trigger the serious case such as happened on iPhone 5, Samsung will be nothing if we compare it with the iPhone 6.

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